March 1, 2021


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Actress Chioma Nwaoha Roasted For Asking Her Kids To Spank Her Ass While Tw3rking [Video]

Actress Chioma Nwaoha Roasted For Asking Her Kids To Tap Her Backside While Shaking It

Actress Chioma Nwaoha has been roasted online for asking her kids to tap her backside while shaking it for them as they have some fun together.

Having a mother-daughter moment with her kids, Chioma Nwaoho shared a video where her kids were seen spanking her nyash while she shakes it for them.

Some netizens reacting to that think it’s a bad habit or something bad she is teaching her kids hence roasted her for doing that and she made sure to reply to every single comment.

According to some, it’s bad to shake her nyash before the kids but went the extreme by asking them to tap it while someone videoes it to be posted online and that doesn’t speak well of her.

Video below;

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